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Park Heroes

Our Parks Need Heroes… Our Parks Need You

Greenville County Parks are your backyard!! They are great places play, relax, and just get outside and like anything, they need people to help keep them looking good. The Greater Greenville Parks Foundation created the Park Hero program to get some love for our public spaces and to give some love to our Park Heroes.

Your time and sweat equity is the love our parks get, the Greater Greenville Parks foundation and its other partners will give you some love by sometimes feeding you, sometimes giving you something, or sometimes giving you simply a high-five.

When you sign up to be a Park Hero, you will join other like minded people who share a love of public lands and giving back.

Sign-up to become a Park Hero because Heroes do incredible things!

Park Heroes is a program of the Greenville County Rec which is supported and promoted by the Greater Greenville Parks Foundation.  A grant from REI Greenville provided the funding to make this effort possible.

Register online below as a Park Hero and we will keep you in the loop as volunteer opportunities arise.
Thank you for being a Park Hero!


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Stay Tuned for More Volunteer Opportunities…

The Greater Greenville Parks Foundation is working with Greenville County Rec to develop a year-long calendar of volunteer opportunities including planting trees, building trails, mulching playgrounds, and more.  Volunteering as a Park Hero is a great way to show some love to the parks you love while meeting new friends and having some fun.

REI Grant Makes Park Hero Project a Reality…

REI awarded the Greater Greenville Parks Foundation a $10,000 grant to promote stewardship of public parks and trails in Greenville county.  The goal of the grant is to mobilize a corps of volunteers to steward, protect, maintain, and improve the many parks and trails we all enjoy in Greenville county.  REI recruits thousands of volunteers to support public lands across the country.  REI Greenville is committed to supporting public parks and trails here at home and will help recruit and motivate hundreds of volunteers in Greenville county.

When you sign up to be a Park Hero, you will join other like minded people who share a love of public lands and giving back.




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