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Volunteer Opportunities

Be a Park Hero… Volunteer

Volunteering with the Greater Greenville Parks Foundation provides much needed support to parks and trails in Greenville County.  The volunteers pictured above built South Carolina’s first Boundless Certified Playground and the first public inclusive playground designed to provide equal access to youth with disabilities in Greenville County.  The Greater Greenville Parks Foundation raised $250,000 and coordinated over 70 volunteers to complete this project. Since then Park Heroes have completed over 45 projects with over 3,000 volunteers!

Park Heroes… Together we can make a difference

Public parks are essential to our quality of life and they need your help.  Public parks and recreation providers do as much as they can with the resources they have; however, there is so much more that needs to be done.  Volunteers are needed to plant and take care of trees, mulch playgrounds, build and maintain trails, and basically give our parks some love.

Click Here to learn more about how to become a Park Hero and register today!


Volunteers Build SC’s First Boundless Playground

Check out this video of volunteers from Verizon and CVS building South Carolina’s first Boundless Certified Playground.

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